About MUN

What is Model United Nations?

Model United Nations is, as its name suggests, a simulated conference simulating many international committees such as the all-powerful Security Council, the militaristic NATO, the environmentally friendly UNEP and the economic World Bank. During the conference, students represent UN member states in various committees. These state representatives, called “delegates,” debate and cooperate to resolve international conflicts while keeping their countries’ self interest in mind. The conference provides students with a truly immersive experience of international politics, as well as an opportunity to learn more about politics, both local and international. Delegates will be exposed to exciting challenges and international crises that they work with their allies and against their enemies to resolve major problems of the world. The aim of Model UN is to ensure that delegates leave the conference more aware of global issues, so they are motivated to do their part in solving these issues in the future. In addition, Model UN is an excellent opportunity for students to learn public speaking, develop networking skills, and critical thinking – all skills that will greatly benefit them as they begin to pursue their careers.

About the Connect Program

ConnectMUN is a Model UN Conference facilitated by the Connect Global Youth Association (CGYA). It is aimed at involving more people in Model United Nations and giving inexperienced delegates a chance to enhance their skills before a conference. Under the supervision of May Poon, Wesley Sze, and Firas Moosvi, the Connect Ambassadors will represent a diverse range of Model UN experiences and capabilities. Together, the Directors and Ambassadors aim to spread the word of MUN around the Lower Mainland through presentations at schools, mock sessions and tutorials. Regardless of experience level, by involving themselves with the Connect Program, delegates can gain a higher level of expertise, learn the finer details of MUN, and feel securely prepared at any conference.  Visit Project Connect’s website.