Commonwealth of Nations



The Commonwealth of Nations is a 53-member country organization focusing on human rights, governance, developing economic and social opportunities for the 2.4 billion people who reside in its member states. It’s most important meeting is the biennial Heads of Government Meeting, where the Prime Ministers and leaders of the member states come together to decide the future and the focus of the Commonwealth. You can find some FAQ about Commonwealth here.

Here at ConnectMUN, we simulate this meeting in teams of three delegates, one representing the Head of Government, one as the Foreign Minister, and one as the communications director.

When registering for this committee, please bear in mind that you will be working closely with other members of your country. While we recommended that you find a team prior to registering, it is not required as registration will assign you in teams to assure you the best experience at ConnectMUN.

(Size: 90 delegates)

For any questions or concerns, please email