Serina Ka

Secretary General

Serina is a third year student at Simon Fraser University as Criminology major. Throughout her high school and post secondary career, MUN has always been a part of her journey. She is fascinated by the unique experience that ConnectMUN brings among the various conferences that are being hosted in Vancouver. Beyond MUN, she takes interest in pursuing a career in the police force and loves good food! She is thrilled to be part of a conference for young enthusiasts who have a passion for global issues and is confident that this year’s hard work will be shown throughout ConnectMUN 2016.


Sheldon Tan

Deputy Secretary General, Conference

For the past four years, Sheldon has planned for each year to be his last year at ConnectMUN, but, like a chronic virus infection, involvement has been difficult to clear from his system. This comparison is not as negative as it may initially sound, as Sheldon loves viruses and, he supposes, ConnectMUN as well. At the time of ConnectMUN 2016, Sheldon will have recently graduated from UBC with a degree in biology and will be doing… something (the nature of which is unclear at the time of writing this). Sheldon looks forward to working to make ConnectMUN 2016 the best yet (the fact that he has written that for the last 3 years hopefully does not diminish its meaning).


Saloni Aggarwal

Deputy Secretary General, Internal

Saloni Aggarwal is a fourth year science student, studying genetics and pharmacology at UBC. After five years of Model UN experience of staffing and delegating at both the high school and university level, she is excited to be the DSG-Internal for ConnectMUN2016. In her free time, Saloni likes to keep busy- she enjoys volunteering, swimming, and watching Grey’s Anatomy. Saloni is looking forward to meeting all the delegates, and hopes that they have a wonderful time working together to debate and come to a consensus on global issues.

Vivian Qiang

Under Secretary General, Committees

Currently completing her final year in high school, Vivian is honored to serve as a USG of Committees. It was with knees buckling, and eyes sparkling that Vivian first entered the unique world of MUN. Not much has changed since then. For Vivian, her experiences with Model United Nations have brought cherished friendships, countless leadership opportunities, and a greater awareness about global issues. Beyond MUN, you may find Vivian watching Disney movies and/or stuffing her face with popcorn. Whether ConnectMUN 2016 is your first or last conference, she guarantees that you will end the weekend zealous (and sleep deprived). Vivian hopes that delegates will grow, not only as public speakers, but young diplomats within and beyond committee rooms.


William Chen

Under Secretary General, Delegate Affairs

William Chen is currently a Grade 12 student at St. George’s School, and is honoured to serve as your USG of Delegate Affairs at ConnectMUN 2016. After three years of Model United Nations experience of delegating and staffing, he’s grown a passion for international relations and sees Model United Nations as an effective channel of bringing awareness to issues that materialize in the global community. Outside of MUN, you can find William playing in a variety of varsity sports and listening to mainstream pop music. William looks forward to seeing lots of coffee-energized delegates and is confident that ConnectMUN 2016 will be a conference to remember for years to come.


Ali Mohaidly

Under Secretary General, Marketing

Ali Mohaidly is delighted to serve as undersecretary of marketing for ConnectMun 2016. Ali is currently in his first year of post-secondary planning to pursue a career in international business. Ali has built a strong commitment for MUN, despite! Only starting MUN in 2015 it has truly impacted him. The environment, humour, experience are what make Model UN delightful. Outside the world of MUN Ali enjoys being with his family and friends. Ali is looking forward for the conference and hopes that ConnectMun 2016 will run successfully.


Alexander Kim

Under Secretary General, Online IT

Alex is a first year student at Simon Fraser University as a Software systems major. Having spent the past 3 years as a delegate, he is excited to be a part of ConnectMUN 2016. When not working on his computer, Alex actively pretends to be busy. But more importantly, he looks forward to making ConnectMUN 2016 an experience to remember!


Galen Wang

Under Secretary General, Finance

Galen Wang is a second year student specializing in the Business and Computer Science program in Commerce at UBC. Benevolent yet ruthless, he has made unforgettable memories through MUN over the last three years, enjoying the conferences he has attended for their incorporation of problem-solving, debate, and most importantly, diplomacy. If you have a chance to approach Galen personally, feel free to ask him about his ordeals with programming, love of ice cream, hits (and misses) with social entrepreneurship, and indifference to financial accounting. He promises you nothing less than of an exciting, memorable experience this November!