ConnectMUN 2017 Awards

Committee Award Name Name Country
African Union Distinguished Delegate Louis Yang Nigeria
African Union Outstanding Delegate Conor Macfarlane Sierra Leone
African Union Honourable Mention Mason Enemark-Muille Somalia
ASEAN Distinguished Delegate Roland Wu China
ASEAN Outstanding Delegate Naomi Tang Phillippines
ASEAN Honourable Mention Hattie Zhang Malaysia
Commonwealth Distinguished Delegate Clara Lilje India
Commonwealth Oustanding Delegate Nicholas Young Kenya
Commonwealth Honourable Mention Linda Dai India
Commonwealth Best Team Benjamin Steven & Aron Han Jamaica
Commonwealth Best Team Aron Han & Benjamin Steven Jamaica
CSW Distinguished Delegate Isabela Moise Belgium
CSW Outstanding Delegate Helia Moghaddam Spain
CSW Honourable Mention Alan Zhuang Kazakhstan
DISEC Distinguished Delegate Andy Moon Canada
DISEC Outstanding Delegate Parker Ford Germany
DISEC Honourable Mention Wony Lee Australia
EU Distinguished Delegate Max Stone United Kingdom
EU Outstanding Delegate William Tsai Czech Republic
EU Honourable Mention Max ChetnerJordan Slovakia
G20 Distinguished Delegate Adam Mawji France
G20 Outstanding Delegate Andy Jiang EU Council & Commission Representative
G20 Honourable Mention Ellen Li China
HCC Distinguished Delegate Malcom Beaton Censor Pythius Brutus
HCC Outstanding Delegate Benjamin Strothotte Legate Perseus Lupus
HCC Honourable Mention Declan Byrne Quaestor Maximilianus Crassus
INTERPOL Distinguished Delegate Jason Guo Indonesia
INTERPOL Outstanding Delegate Hooshang Moghaddam Columbia
INTERPOL Honourable Mention Donson Dong Russia
LEGAL Distinguished Delegate Elena Chen United States of America
LEGAL Outstanding Delegate Caitlin Han Cambodia
LEGAL Honourable Mention Eddie Lee France
SOCHUM Distinguished Delegate Jaskirt Brar South Korea
SOCHUM Outstanding Delegate Jack Tritt Nigera
SOCHUM Honourable Mention Floria Gu Russia
SOCHUM Honourable Mention Annie Yang France
SPECPOL Distinguished Delegate Judith Chen United Kingdom
SPECPOL Outstanding Delegate Jason Chen Kenya
SPECPOL Honourable Mention Summers Wu Russia
UN-ESCAP Distinguished Delegate Brayden Ning New Zealand
UN-ESCAP Outstanding Delegate David Wang Netherlands
UN-ESCAP Honourable Mention Terry Li United States of America
UNEP Distinguished Delegate Young Do Haiti
UNEP Outstanding Delegate Ted Byun France
UNEP Honourable Mention Juan Daniel Arias Panama
UNRWA Distinguished Delegate Jessica Lin Jordan
UNRWA Outstanding Delegate Henry Spencer Syrian Arab Republic
UNRWA Honourable Mention Maya Lahiri Turkey
UNSC Distinguished Delegate Jaden Bains Kazakhstan
UNSC Outstanding Delegate Luke Parolin Russia
UNSC Honourable Mention Audrea Wang China
WHO Distinguished Delegate Ananya Pampana Canada
WHO Outstanding Delegate Ray Hua United Kingdom
WHO Honourable Mention Munsa Kang Netherlands
World Bank Distinguished Delegate Thomas Blanchard Japan
World Bank Outstanding Delegate Astrid Greenhill Germany
World Bank Honourable Mention Katheriene Lu Egypt